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170 Days in NanKing: The Diaries of John Rabe

December 13–17, 2017
Jiangsu Grand Theatre, Nanjing

The opera will feature original choreography by Yin Mei, as she sheds light on this massacre:

"How do we portray on stage a horrific tragedy to which we as artists were not witnesses? What light can we shed that honors even a shred of the truth of those who actually suffered through it?"
Performances will be held in the new Jiangsu Grand Theatre, which is the largest performing arts center project in China to open in the past 10 years.


December 19–24, 2017
Sichuan Theater Festival in Chengdu, China

Combining the sensibilities of traditional Asian performance and American artists, Yin Mei brings this Greek tragedy to life but with a twist. The story of Antigone is one a lonely girl who dies young, a basic plot which is seen in many Chinese theatre works that have in turn influenced Yin Mei's life work. Reimagining and recombining the traditional theatrical elements, Yin Mei's restaging of this work through her non-linear devising form allows the audience new impressions and discoveries of this classic character.

Choreography and Direction: Yin Mei
Video Design: Jesse Garrison
Creative Producer: Leslie Scott
Sound Design: Justin Scheid
Performers: Rachel Abrahams, Rosie DeAngelo, Nicholas Grubbs, Taylor Myers


Jackie Chan Film and television academy

Intensive physical theatre training at the Jackie Chan Film and Television Academy in Wuhan.