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2014 Fall- Phoenix; Mind and Life Institut, Boston
2014 Summer-
Phoenix; The Bates Dance Festival
2014 Summer-
Yin Mei’s New Work, The YARD Artist Recidency Performance
2014 Spring-
Phoenix; Premier at St. John the Divine Cathedral NYC
2014 Spring-
The Red Dress; evening length, Lincoln Center David Koch Theater NYC
2013 Winter-
DIS/oriented; Premier (evening length) at Asia Society NYC
2012 Spring-
Seven Sages of Bamboo Grove (evening length); Premier Hong Kong Dance Co.
2012 Spring-
Nixon in China; Opera Theatre du Chatelet, Paris
2010 Winter-
A Scent of Time; Premier (evening length) Beijing Cultual Palaze BDA
2010 Summer
City of Paper; Miami Dade College, Spoleto Festival, USA, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival
2009 Fall- City of Paper, Premiere (U.S. tour commences)
2009 January- City of Paper, The Asia Society, NYC (work-in-progress)
2008 June- Duet with Qin, Rollette Performance Space, NYC
2008 June- Good For Nothing Lover, Queens College, NYC
2008 January- The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. APAP, NYC
2007 November- Yin Mei, Solo Exhibition/Performance DeVos Museum, Michigan
2007 September- Nomad: The River; Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA
2007 March- Nomad: The River; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
2007 February- Nomad: The River; UC Riverside, Riverside, CA
2007 February- Nomad: The River; Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
2007 January- Nomad: The River; Miami Carnival Center for Performing Arts, FL
2007 January- NPR: “Studio 360”, Radio interview, NYC
2006 December- Sense/Scent/Sight; Faculty Dance Concert, Queens College, NY
2006 December- Ink/Paper/Body/Scent; solo installation performance, James Cohan Gallery, NY
2006 December- Ink/Paper/Body/Scent; Vision Festival, NY
2006 November- Nomad: Tea; Ink/Paper/Body/Scent; The Nasher Museum the Great Hall, Duke University, NC
2006 November- Nomad: Tea; Ink/Paper/Body; Solo Installation Performance, The Puffin Room, New York, NY
2006 November- Empty Tradition: City of Peonies (excerpt), Lincoln Center Jazz, Time Warner Center, NY
2006 October- Voice of American Radio broad casting
2006 October- Magic in The Square Word: Cursive; Queens International Biennial
2007 March- 2006 Exhibition/Installation Performance, Queens Museum of Art Queens, NY
2006 May- The Fan and Beyond, Port Washington Public Library, Long Island, NY
2006 May- Solo performance, New York Foundation for the Arts, NYC
2006 March- Cursive, installation performance, Asian Cultural Council Gala, Sotheby’s, NYC
2006 February- Ink/Paper/Body, solo Installation Performance, White Box Gallery & Ethan Cohen Gallery, New York, NY
2006 February- Cursive; Contemporary Arts Education, Boulder, Colorado
2006 February- Cursive: Ink/paper/Body; The Vision Festival, 14th Street Y, NY
2006 February- Nomad: The River; University of Massachusetts Amherst, Asian Arts & Cultural Program, Amherst, MA
2006 February- CUNY TV “Study With The Best” Features Yin Mei Dance
2006 January- Cursive; a solo Evening Dance theatre performance, CUNY Graduate Center & AAARI, NY
2005 November- Nomad: The River; Staten Island College CUNY, NY
2005 September- Nomad: The River; Asian Contemporary Theater Festival Shanghai China
2005 September- Nomad: The River; Beijing Modern Dance Theater, Beijing, China
2005 August- Whisper From the Oracle Bones (Prologue); Dance in Queens 2005 Performance, Large Triangle Gallery, NY
2005 April- Nomad: The River; Puffin Room, NY
2005 April- Nomad: The River, Trinity College, CT
2005 March- Nomad: The River; world premiere, Dance Theater Workshop, NY
2005 February- Selected work, performance and discussion, Rubin Museum, NY
2005 January- Nomad: The River;  performance and lecture demonstration, CUNY Graduate Center Theater, NY
2005 January- Nomad: The River (excerpt); performance for the American Program of Arts Presenters (APAP), The Duke Studios, NY
2004 December- Nomad: The River (work-in-progress); Queens College, NY
2004 December- Game/Play; performance inspired by art exhibition with Yoshiko Chuma,The Asia Society Theater, NY
2004 October- Empty Tradition: City of Peonies (excerpt); “Fall For Dance Festival”, City Center, NY
2004 July/August- Asia Pacific Performance Exchange Fellowship, UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance, Bali, Indonesia
2004 May- Ten Artists Series, solo performance produced by Asia Society and Eiko and Koma, Asia Society, NY
2004 May- Nomad: The River (work-in-progress); performance excerpt with 25 dancers, Brown University Theater, Providence, RI
2004 February-Selected solo performance, Landmark Theater, Port Washington NY
2004 January- Nomad: The River (excerpt); presented as part of American Program of Arts Presenters (APAP), Duke Studio Theater, NY
2004 January- Selected Work, solo performance, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Pocantico Conference Center, NY