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Press Quotes

”The greatly gifted Yin Mei works from a deep place...Nomad brushes our mind with images whose poetry ensnares us, whose enigmas taunt us.”

- The Village Voice

“That contradiction - the pull of the traditional and the contemporary - has inspired many dances. But Ms. Yin balances and weaves together all the intricacies of that complex friction with stunning clarity in Empty Tradition/City of Peonies. The piece proceeds from one distilled memory to another, not illustrating them but evoking their emotions in passages of shimmering, pensive and abrupt movement. Ms. Yin is a dancer of exquisite lyricism and delicacy."

- The New York Times

"There are few dance steps per se in her exquisite Empty Tradition/City of Peonies: the work…is as spare as ancient Chinese paintings. Intense images emerge from mist - the tremulous space in which dreams and memories sprout. The meaning of the whole is enigmatic, but every incident ignites ideas…The whole startling piece has that feeling: a journey of instants frozen in memory."

- The Village Voice

"The richly layered Empty Traditions/City of Peonies recreates the experience of living under a repressive government and society where forbidden language, thoughts and feelings nonetheless push through like green grass cracking concrete pavement. The success of the re-creation is attributable not only to Ms. Yin's artistry but also to the sensitivity of her well-chosen collaborators."

- The New York Times

“Yin Mei is a stunning presence herself, bringing her classical Chinese dance training and aesthetic into a blend with adopted Downtown sensibilities with refined grace. /Asunder is filled with movement that translates an agony that is repeatedly saved with an embrace.”

- Dance Insider

“Yin Mei has a striking visual sense and an authoritative way with social and literary themes.”

- The New York Times

"Yin Mei is a dancer of luminous clarity… her movement a combination of delicacy and strong intention, and firmly rooted feet that support swooning explorations of arms and torso."

- Los Angeles Times

"Throughout [/Asunder], there are many striking visual and aural images… the collaboration between Mei and the other artists was a considerable artistic achievement. By layering music with movement, visual design, and text, Mei has created a visual feast."

- New York Dance Fax