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This video was taken at the end of Yin Mei's 2014 summer residency at Martha's Vineyard. The residency was provided in support of creating "Farewell My Concubine". In total, the unfinished version of the piece is 36 minutes. Also to be noted, Jay Scheib has begun collaboration at a later stage and is therefore not included in this version.
Live Music: Jiaoyue Lyu
Choreography: Yin Mei
Performers: Guanglei Hui, Nico Li, Yahui Lu, Erick Montes, Chihiro Shimizu, Kanako Yokota


Director: Wang Xiao Ying
Choreographer: YIn Mei
Set Design: Dai Yan Nian
Principle Dancers: Cheng Lin, Zeng Ming
Lincoln Center March 6-9, 2014



YIN MEI work-in-progress (excerpt)
Music: Bora Yong
Text: Hansol Jung
Performance: Yin Mei & Fei Bo
Visual: Sha Huang/David Bengali
Presente: Rachel Cooper
Asia Society NY 2013


Opera director: Chen Shi Zheng. Theater du Chartelet, Paris, April 2012


Visual/Dramaturgy: Jay Scheib, March 2012



a scent of time

A Scent of Time premiered at the Beijing Cultural Palace Theater in December 2010.  This evening-length "post-modern ballet" was commissioned by the Beijing Dance Academy, China's leading dance school.  Yin Mei choreographed this work for 36 dancers with multi-media projections and live and recorded music.

City of PaperIn City of Paper,

Three contemporary choreographers –  Yin Mei, Dai Jian and Kota Yamazaki – explore a Wayang-like shadow world in which light, sound, paper, masks and movement converge in a post-modern meditation on history, fact and the mutability of human perception.   Set in a digitally interactive scenographic environment, the work weaves together personal vignettes, audio/visual fragments, a complex musical soundscape and abrupt yet sensuous movement to create a dream landscape from which the events of a single momentous year during the Chinese Cultural Revolution gradually emerge.


To see the performance of City of Paper at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival 2010 follow this link:



Cursive Premiered February 2006 at The Vision Festival, New York City (version titled “Wild Grass”).  A mixed media solo installation/performance work performed on paper with ink.  Also performed at Queens Museum Biennale and various New York City galleries (also titled “Ink/Paper/Body/Scent”).  Exhibition at DeVos Museum, Northern Michigan University.


Nomad: The River

Premiered March 2005 at the Dance Theater Workshop, New York City.  Multi-media dance theater work for four performers created in collaboration with sound/visual designer Christopher Salter.  Work toured U.S. and was performed at Shanghai Contemporary Theater Festival.  


Nomad: Tea

Premiered April 2002 at The Asia Society, New York City.  Solo work with green tea powder created in collaboration with artist Wenda Gu as part of “New Way of Tea” exhibition at Asia Society Galleries.



Premiered May 2001 at Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, New York City.  Evening-length intercultural dance theater work created in collaboration with installation artist Cai Guo-Qiang and composer Robert Een.  Work toured U.S.


Empty Tradition/City of Peonies

Premiered November 1998 at The Asia Society, New York City.  Evening-length dance theater work created in collaboration with Indonesian composer Tony Prabowo and MacArthur Award-winning artist Xu Bing.  Performers included Tibetan modern dancer Sang Jijia (later with William Forsythe Company), Jennifer Nugent (currently with Bill T. Jones), a Buddhist “fighting monk” and seven Indonesian musicians performing live.  Also performed at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival.

Past Works

The Tipsy Concubine Premiered August 1999 at the Jerusalem Museum, Israel. Empty Bell Premiered April 1997 at The Japan Society. Seeing In the Rain Premiered November 2003 at Arizona State University Theater. I Move To Keep Things Whole Premiered November 1997 at Mulberry Street Theater, New York City. Sun/Moon/Me Premiered September 1997 at Pace Downtown Theater, New York City. Love Suicides at Amijima Premiered September 1996 at Chikamatsu Festival, Nagata, Japan. Book of Women Premiered July 1996 at Indonesian Dance Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia. Solo I & II Premiered April 1996 at Movement Research at Judson Church, New York City. Fan and Shakuhachi Premiered January 1996 at Theater X, Tokyo, Japan. Legacies Premiered August 1995 at Lincoln Center Out-Of-Doors Festival, New York City. Shaman Premiered July 1995 at Contemporary Dance Festival, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The News Premiered December 1994 at Beijing Dance Academy Theater, Beijing, China. Sacred Fire Premiered November 1994 at Jakarta International Dance Festival, Indonesia. Portrait: Plunging Into the Sea Premiered April 1993 at Asian Contemporary Dance Festival, La Mama ETC, New York City. Threshold: A Dance Theater of Remembering and Forgetting Premiered November 1990 at La Mama ETC, New York City. June Snow/Birds in Warped Time Premiered April 1989 at Washington Square Theater, New York City. Either Side of the Mountain Premiered August 1987 at the Jerusalem Museum, Israel. Listening to the Rain Premiered August 1985 at City Hall Theater, Hong Kong (choreographed for Hong Kong Dance Company).  Shadow of the Moon Prize in solo competition, International Young Choreographer’s Competition (Hong Kong) 1985.